• iWallet Corporation

Headquartered in San Diego, California, iWallet (www.iwalletworldwide.com) is a secure, luxury techcessories company, focused on its robust patent and trademark portfolio in the growing biometric market and combining the latest security features with luxury appointments.

Bolstered by the experience of our executive team and board members, iWallet is poised to usher in a new generation of smart techcessories. Key team members include:

Executive Team

Asma Kamran(President)Mrs. Asma has extensive experience in innovative and high end creative products as well as in the cosmetic and beauty industries.

Kamran SamiCOS (Chief of Staff)Mr. Sami’s experience spans 20+ years of senior corporate management positions with premier big box engineering and manufacturing industries including Oil and Gas industries. He has been the Director of two early to mid-stage companies, including Vitreous Imperium. Also carrying a very strong business relationship worldwide.

Steve Cabouli CEOMr. Cabouli has over 25 years of experience in introducing new and unique products to the market. He co-founded China Mystique,Inc. in 1990, a multi-million dollar international retail distribution company.

Saleem AzizCFO(Chief Financial Officer)has been in the industry of product development and contract manufacturing for more than 20 years, specializing in consumer products. Has worked with Mr. Cabouli for several years and is hugely familiar with the iWallet products.

Research & Development Team

Scott Weng(Technical Director, Taichung, Taiwan)

Judy Weng(Operational Manager, Taichung, Taiwan)

Eduardo Camilo Jr(Lead Technical Engineer)

Established Front offices and Deputed Ambassadors  

Mena RegionOffice in Dubai, UAE: (  Worldwide Headquarters )       Eastern- Middle Eastern World Regions       (Operational ,Licensing, Franchising, Marketing).

Roberta Siama Office in San Diego, California, USA:       Corporate office 1055 Scripps Poway, Parkway suite 610 San Diego CA 92131 USA)       (Operational, Licensing,Franchising, Marketing).

David Gu Franchise office in Shanghai, China No.82 Lane 1088 Xinnan road Shanghai China

Ziad Djuma Franchise office Amsterdam, The Netherlands So street name is Het Breed 669, Postcode 1025hx Amsterdam 0031642923309