• iWallet’s Technology

There's no product that compares to the innovative iWallet in both style and security substance.

Biometric Fingerprint Lock

An integrated, proprietary biometric touch fingerprint identification security system unlocks for only one fingerprint… Yours.

RFID Scanning Protection

With RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags now being placed in U.S. Passports, credit cards and other forms of identification, our RFID shield technology protects your sensitive data from hackers who are increasingly using discreet scanners to read your personal information while in public spaces.

BluetoothTM SMART Tethering Technology

Using the free iWallet app, compatible with the most popular smart devices, Bluetooth’s SMART tethering function sounds an alarm when your device leaves a pre-defined geographic perimeter.

Durable Construction

iWallet features a carbon fiber or aluminum chassis, securing your cash & credit cards with the strength of sleek, resilient materials
Offers Four Different Models to Meet Your Needs,
Each with Cutting Edge Security Features.