• Classic Carbon Fiber

Classic Carbon Fiber

  • Carbon Fiber
    This high-tech black carbon fiber holder protects its contents with undercover-agent-worthy safeguards while maintaining a luxury look. The iWallet Classic features an integrated money clip and leather card holder for organization and style. Its biometric fingerprint scanning technology allows only the owner to open it, keeping cash, cards, and the owner's identity safe.

  • Dimensions
    Approximately 2.5"W x 1"D x 4.375"T.

  • Weight
    6.9oz (198grams)

  • Other Features
    It also incorporates an electronic Bluetooth® Smart "leash" to your smart phone, and its construction helps prevent scanning of credit or ID cards equipped with RFID chips.
    Includes USB cable for syncing.

Compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad and Android Devices

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